empire kitchen bath business card design
empire postcard design

Empire Kitchen & Bath – Graphic Design

Empire Kitchen & Bath recently had updated their logo and hired jordannerissa to design a new business card and a promotional postcard to be mailed across the Greater Rochester region.

While utilizing a new color scheme, they wanted the designs to provide a more modern feel that still represent and feel authentic to the family owned and operated business their clients know and trust. The challenge was incorporating the bright yellow in the previous logo with the new burgundy color scheme without overpowering and clashing with it.

The rounded corners of the business card are reminiscent of a countertop edge. The clean, bold design of the postcard provides distinction in a pile of mail.

We believe so strongly Empire Kitchen & Bath after working with them on this design project, that we utilized them on our own kitchen remodel project and couldn’t be happier with the service they provided!

Learn more at: www.empirekb.com

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