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My Greek Bookshelf – Branding

jordannerissa had the privilege of designing the logo for a brand new “odyssey,” My Greek Bookshelf.

@mygreekbookshelf “will showcase the novels, books, poetry, and screenplays that beautifully mix the Greek spirit with the reality in which their authors lived.”

The Instagram account, @mygreekbookshelf highlights “…the voices of Greek writers who live beyond the borders of the Greek motherland; the Greeks who were born and who live their everyday lives in nations all over the world and whose realities are shaped by their Greek heritage and the local culture in which they live.”

We were excited to be the first collaborator as a fellow Greek-American!

The goals for this logo were to invoke the Greek spirit in a modern way while staying away from cliché design that is often visually identifies the culture. The swirl is reminiscent of a Greek column while serving as the bookshelf. It invokes a sense of fun that reading can provide.

We hope you enjoy the journey and follow along:


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