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Simply Crêpes – Branding + Graphic Design

We had the honor of working with Simply Crêpes to rebrand their visual identity. Over the years they have been updating and broadening their menu beyond crêpes. Some of these offerings include an expanded brunch menu including French toast and biscuit sandwiches, dinner menu and bar offerings.

They were seeking a new identity to better reflect who they are as an evolving brand and restaurant. Many aspects that were remaining true to their existing brand are their commitment to home cooked meals, quality local ingredients, handcrafted beverages and an approachable, fun restaurant atmosphere & experience. They remain true to their French country kitchen routes, but wanted to move away from the “delicate” feeling of their previous branding.

The new logo design is meant to look like a stamp which provides a nostalgic, rustic feel reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen. The font selections and simplicity also capture a modern feel at the same time. By utilizing a typography based logo Simply Crêpes is able to use the mark on a wide variety of marketing materials with an interchangeable color palette developed by jordannerissa. This creates a depth to the brand while creating unexpected moments where the logo can change color to complement the food it is overlayed upon in a photography.

We chose to emphasize the word Simply through the use of a bold, rustic, yet modern font to reinforce their brand messaging of being a Homespun Craft Kitchen. It intuitively deemphasizes the word crêpe but is still an integral part of the restaurant name.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside Simply Crêpes as they continue to grow. jordannerissa continues to provide Graphic Design services for restaurant graphics and email campaign design.

Click the images below to view some of our other design projects for Simply Crêpes:


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