upstate special needs stationery
Upstate Special Needs Planning Stationery jordannerissa
upstate special needs business cards
Upstate Special Needs Consulting Stationery jordannerissa

Upstate Special Needs Planning & Consulting – Graphic Design

Upstate Special Needs Planning and Upstate Special Needs Consulting are two separate but joint ventures servicing the special needs community. jordannerissa provided Graphic Design services to update their business cards and stationery.

The goal was to provide a new modern designs for both that are similar but distinctive. Each of the business cards provide quick facts about each business, providing value to potential clients immediately upon receiving them.

On the Upstate Special Needs Consulting card they tell the potential client that they help families find answers. The questions listed below make the clients think about their family situation. The first statement reinforces that they are there to help and the contact information on the back provides next steps. The business cards thus provide a dual service as a marketing tool.

Since orange is such a strong color the rest of the design is kept simple and clean so as not to conflict with it.

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