I am grateful that you have chosen to work me! I know it takes a lot of trust to put your business’s reputation in someone else’s hands and I’m here to assure you that I will treat your brand as my own. I am genuine in my intention and pour my heart and soul into your project and will do my very best to serve you along the way.

Below you will find an overview of my process. If you have any questions along the way please do not hesitate to reach out!

Work & Communication Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST

Primary contact will be through email and your Client Portal. This ensures that we both remain organized and information is captured in writing and available to look back upon. I will do my best to reply to all communication regarding active projects within 24 hours (during office hours).

To help keep your project on track to finish on time, please provide all feedback within 5 business days of hearing from me.

I really appreciate your effort to provide files and feedback on time and to communicate within the times and days outlined above. Timeliness from both of us will help us get your project done on (or even before!) your launch date. Every delay causes a missed opportunity with your clients.

Meetings will be conducted via Zoom/phone – you can schedule an appointment here.
Scheduling calls allows for uninterrupted design sessions so we can provide the most creative results for our clients.

Tools we will be using

Google Drive
Your Private Client Portal

Pre-Project Checklist 

  1. After you sign your contact you will pay your 25% deposit
  2. Upload inspiration to Pinterest/Google Drive at least one week before project starts
  3. Complete Design Questionnaire – I will email + apply to your portal
  4. Complete The Heart of Your Brand & Ideal Client Worksheets – I will email + apply to your portal

Remember when I asked what your favorite beverage is? Now is the time to grab that beverage as I encourage you to take the time to sit down and really dig deep to discover the meaning behind your business and why you do what you do. Your answers will guide the process and your brand as we move forward.

Send me an email when your files are uploaded.

the inspiration phase
With the core of your brand defined, we’ll focus next on the details and design decisions necessary to bring your brand to life. I’ll be presenting our ideas for the overall aesthetic of your brand through a visual mood board. This makes sure we are moving forward with a united vision and you will have the opportunity to make edits and revise if necessary.

the design phase
The mood board leads us to the design phase, where I’ll present my 3 strongest concepts for the primary logo. From here, we’ll narrow it down to 1 concept that feels right and will connect the most with your audience.

the refining phase
At this stage, I’ll present the refined versions of the concept I chose with color and typography and introduce a secondary logo and submark variations. This is where we’ll really try to envision how the concept will come together in practical use. We will refine until you are left with an authentic visual representation of your business.

final files
Now that we have our final direction, I’ll make any last changes and put everything together in a detailed guide on how to use your brand consistently, intentionally, and strategically. You’ll also receive vector, png and jpeg files of your final logo.

website + collateral
Finally, I’ll create your website and any collateral pieces that you have chosen to include in your project. This does not include printing fees. If you need help communicating with printers for printed collateral, I’m happy to do that for you as well.

pop the bubbly!
After weeks of introspection it’s time to share your new brand with the world. I will help you customize a launch strategy to build excitement for your reveal and celebrate all that you have to offer!


Pre-Project checklist  /  Client Homework

  1. After you sign your contact you will pay your 25% deposit
  2. Upload inspiration to Pinterest/Google Drive at least one week before project starts
  3. Complete Design Questionnaire – I will email + apply to your portal
  4. Upload files (images and copy) to Google Drive at least one week before project starts

Send me an email when your files are uploaded.

website creative direction
I’ll outline your website goals and I’ll present some ideas for how to design the the site in order to reach those goals. I’ll also give you a rough outline of how we think your content should flow on key pages to help you plan your content.

content creation
Before I start designing the website, you’ll be responsible for finalizing all of the content for your website. That includes all copy + photos for each page. Having this completed first helps the rest of the process go more smoothly. You can take as much time as you need to get this done, you just need to let me know when you’ll be finished so we can plan the rest of the project. If you need assistance with copyrighting please let us know.

web design
Once the content has been approved, I’ll spend 1-2 weeks designing mockups for the website. I may spend another week or two making changes to these designs before the are finally approved to move forward.

web development
I will continue to design and build out your website. This process can take 3-5 weeks depending on the size + complexity of your site. Then I’ll send you a link to review it + see if there are any final changes that need to be made.

I’ll spend one more week testing the site + fixes bugs. You will have the final review and let me know when you’re ready to go live!

pop the bubbly!
After weeks of planning and hard work, it’s time to share your new website with the world! I will help you customize a launch strategy to build excitement for your reveal and celebrate all the work your website will do on your behalf. After the launch, I’ll be available for 1 week to help if anything goes wrong or if you have questions. I will teach you how to edit + manage your blog on your own. We are happy to discuss options for future website updates.

1. Pinterest – Vision Boardminimum 5 logos, 5 colors/color palettes, 5 website designs

Let’s Have Some Fun! On Pinterest, create and fill a board with inspiration for your project. This is meant to be a fun exercise and get both of our creative minds working. Go ahead and pin ANYTHING that you love – think outside the box! Maybe there is a tile floor pattern you love, or an image in nature that captures an emotion. If you get stuck, feel free to pin from our boards, including:

Design Inspiration
Logo Design Inspiration
Web Design Inspiration

If Pinterest isn’t your thing, don’t worry.

You can search Google for images that resonate with the way you want your project to feel and simply save them to the “inspiration” folder on our shared Google Drive folder.

2. Complete your questionnaires/worksheets
It will be emailed to you and uploaded to your Client Portal. It will help us understand your goals and needs for this project!

3. Website content
In order to stick to timeframes and deadlines, we will need all the content for your website before we start the project.

You will need to provide the text for all pages and supply your logo (if we’re not doing your branding!) and any particular photos you want to be used on the site. You can upload these files to our shared Google Drive Folder.

We really appreciate simple and straightforward feedback. It helps us to clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your project.

Here are a few tips on providing awesome feedback:

  1. Try and use bullet points to break up your feedback – try to be as specific as possible.
  2. Use headers to organize your feedback.
  3. Read over your feedback to make sure it’s clear and check that you’ve answered any questions I may have asked.
  4. Remember to be looking at the design through your Ideal Client’s eyes/point of view, not just your personal taste.
  5. If you have team members that would like to add their feedback, we kindly ask that you gather the feedback into one message. This stops everyone from getting confused and keeps the project organized.

A non-refundable 25% deposit is due to book your spot in my schedule, the day before we start your project.

Due to the personal nature of our business if your 25% deposit is late, we can put your project on hold. We can restart the project at a later date but a rescheduling fee will be charged. We book a limited number of clients based on availability and we appreciate your understanding.

Your final payment is due 30 days from the final invoice. If payment has not been made by the 30th day, a 5% interest will be added every 7 days until your payment has been completed, starting on the 31st day.

Payments are accepted by check, please make out and mail to:

Jordan Testa
22 Old Post Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Deposits are not refundable due to the fact we have saved space in our calendar for the time and work has began. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. If at some point either of us decide to part ways, we can submit this cancellation in writing and payment for work completed up until that point will be due. For example, a website design that is 60% complete, will be charged at 60% of the project total cost and 100% of any additional expenses (such as fonts, photography, etc.) must be reimbursed to the designer.

What type of files will you give me?
We will provide final vector, png and jpeg files for branding projects.
Websites will be provided with login credentials.

Do I need to buy a website Domain name before we begin working together?
Yes, but we can assist you in purchasing if needed. The domain name is your responsibility to keep active or else you risk losing your domain name and website.

Will you train me how to use my new website when it’s done?
We will offer a complementary zoom training on how to update your blog. If you have website knowledge we can also train you on how to update the website content. We are happy to discuss options for a design retainer to provide future website updates.

Will my new site be on page one of Google?
Not yet. It takes time and good search engine optimisation (SEO) to achieve this. However, your site will be optimised for search engines and over time could get on the first page of Google for search terms related to your business. Advanced SEO packages are available upon request based on your goals and budget.

Will you send me the fonts you used?
No. We own the licenses to the font files we use in your project. However, if you’d like to purchase these fonts, just let us know and we can get that sorted for you! Some fonts may be available for free and we will provide information on how to download them once your project is complete.

Scope of Work
Your project was quoted at an estimated price. If is common for the client to want to make changes or additions as we go through the process. These costs will be billed these as à la carte additions to your original package and will be agreed upon by the client and designer.

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know that we like to share a lot of our process with our followers. We do this to (1) educate people on what the design process is like and (2) show real-time examples of our work. We would love to be able to share some of your project in the same way. (Because we know that we’ll want to show off what we create together!) We also want to help grow awareness for your brand. If for any reason you don’t want us to share parts of our project before it is finished, please let us know and we’ll make sure to keep it a secret until you’re ready.


After you’ve completed everything on your pre-project checklist, we’re all set to begin your project!
We’re happy to schedule an optional 30 minute call with you where you can ask any last-minute questions you may have.

We’re always here for you – email us if you have any additional questions