Beneath the Blush primary logo jordannerissa
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Beneath the Blush secondary logo jordannerissa
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Beneath the Blush – Branding

It’s fun to switch up design styles, especially when we have the opportunity to go extra feminine and let the pink roll πŸ’‹

We had the pleasure of helping Beneath the Blush develop a new logo and brand! They are a skincare line developed by Lisa Scala,Β Licensed Esthetician andΒ Nail Technician of Fresh Facials & Feet.

The new logo is classic and modern with a feminine touch. It has a high-end feel that reflects the quality ingredients Lisa incorporates in the skincare line.

jordannerissa provided Beneath the Blush with alternate logo variations to best suit different sized and shaped packaging.

Check out their amazing skincare line and pamper yourself with one of their services: Beneath the Blush


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